Ginge-Aide Hand Cream, Foot Cream, & Body Cream

The Story of Ginge-Aide

As a professional cosmetologist with eczema, my hands became cracked and distressed from the use of chemicals in my daily work. For years I used over-the-counter and prescription treatments that only offered slight relief.

I prayed for a solution.

Those prayers led me to a list of ingredients and I immediately began researching, blending oils together, and applying them to my hands several times a day.  Within ten days, the pained skin on my hands cleared up and I enjoyed complete relief! I was amazed and began to use this hand rub everyday. It wasn't long before the unique aroma would cause people to ask me what I was using on my hands. When I shared my creation with them, they found relief and this business was born.

It is a blessing to provide my products and offer relief to people everywhere. Ginge-Aide truly heals working hands and is used by both men and women with satisfying results. With the success of Ginge-Aide Hand Cream, we have now created Ginge-Aide Foot Rub and Ginge-Aide Body Cream. Just like the original blend, these products are made from natural ingredients to soothe, smooth, and replenish your skin.

We hope your experience with Ginge-Aide is satisfying and we look forward to hearing about your results – please share them with us!

Ginger Quinn, Founder & Creator